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We have a much larger inventory than is displayed here.  Watch for additional items to be listed online.  We also have display cases and wall mounting display hooks (slat wall system) for sale.  This inventory also includes a large amount of sheet music and instructional books.  Some of the sheet music is already advertised on Amazon. Contact us if you need older materials not typically available on Amazon as we do have a collection of out of print music. While we are in the process of creating the postings, you may contact us about inquiries for specific types of needs.



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Store Fixtures

Store Fixtures

These store fixtures are not on our shopping cart since they require direct pickup, inspection and a cash transaction.   Here is what we have left.

Slatwall System
(Many Guitar Instrument hangers & regular Slatwall Product Hooks Available)

Shelf Hanger

Slatwall systemSlat Wall

Slatwalls and hangers are very common in retail stores to display merchandise on the wall using specialzed brackets. We have a complete selection of brackets for shelves, and for hanging plastic bagged items.

At present we have hundreds of regular slatwall display hooks of various sizes.  Those are priced below.  Try pricing these retail and you will see that these are excellent prices.

General Purpose Slatwall Holders:

For the general purpose display hooks, we are looking to get $1 for hooks with single rod extensions and $2 for heavy duty "U" hooks.  These are also hold shelves.  Email us with your needs.

Specialized Music Instrument Holders: 

2 5" deep wire display shelf with dividers @$12.50 =$25
1 8" deep wire rack shelf with modular dividers @$15

10 microphone holders @$3= $42

6 stationery guitar hangers @$4= $24
12 white arm, black rubber swivel guitar hangers, open @$5=60
9 black arm, orange rubber swivel with locks guitar holders @$5 = $45
6 silver with open orange guitar holder swivel@$5 = $30
5 black with orange guitar holder, open swivel @$5=$25
5 guitar string spring loaded displays @$4 =$20

1 drumstick slatwall rack @ $15
1 mallet slatwall rack @$17


Music Display Bins (2 units available)

Display bins for sheet music, books, comics, books, LPs etc. Two units available. Each unit is 7'8"' long, 4'2"' high at the back, 3'4" in the front, and 2' wide.  These are of solid plywood construction. The bottom two shelves have removable sliders to separate items.  COST -- Asking $200 each or best offer.  Buyer must be able to move and haul the bins.

Music Bin

Side view

Rotating Wood Display Rack (one unit available)

About six feet tall, this highly adjustable display rack has casters for easy movement around the store as well as a lazy susan to allow rotation.  Shelves can be repositioned and even removed.  It is actually pressed wood construction so is very stable and heavy. Asking $125 OBO. 

Wood Display Rack