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We have a much larger inventory than is displayed here.  Watch for additional items to be listed online.  We also have display cases and wall mounting display hooks (slat wall system) for sale.  This inventory also includes a large amount of sheet music and instructional books.  Some of the sheet music is already advertised on Amazon. Contact us if you need older materials not typically available on Amazon as we do have a collection of out of print music. While we are in the process of creating the postings, you may contact us about inquiries for specific types of needs.



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Musical instruments, accessories and sheet music
are for sale here. These are items that were not sold before the doors closed on a "brick and morter" music store in Central New Mexico. New inventory is not being bought to replenish this stock; once it is sold, it is gone, so, if any item or our low prices look enticing, you should buy now because it may be gone next time you look. Unless noted items are "one of a kind".  We have specifically marked the condition of each instrument.  You may order the item(s) online here for immediate delivery.  Happy Foraging!

BreedLove Mandolin

PayPalPayment Arrangements
We accept PayPal for payment for items to be shipped, or cash/cashier's check if you make arrangements to pick up the item in person.

May I examine the instrument in person?
Yes, you can also arrange with us to inspect an instrument in person if you are in the New Mexico area. We do not have a store front, but arrangements can be made to show you the instrument. 

Cello, student

Discounted Does Not Mean "Cheap" 
Our inventory is from a well established small town music store.  This is quality branded merchandise that we need to liquidate.  You benefit.