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We have a much larger inventory than is displayed here.  Watch for additional items to be listed online.  We also have display cases and wall mounting display hooks (slat wall system) for sale.  This inventory also includes a large amount of sheet music and instructional books.  Some of the sheet music is already advertised on Amazon. Contact us if you need older materials not typically available on Amazon as we do have a collection of out of print music. While we are in the process of creating the postings, you may contact us about inquiries for specific types of needs.



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Store Policies

Refund Policy
Snare DrumWe want you to be happy with your purchase, and we would rather keep the money than refund it, so let's start by having a business relationship where the questions get worked out before you make a purchase you are unsatified with! eMuseMusic offers new and used musical instruments and other accoutrements at discounted prices. But other things besides money affect one's satisfaction with objects! If you are unsure if the item will be to your liking, please contact us directly to discuss it prior to purchase. Start with an email and we will be in touch. :)

Because our business is to sell off exess inventory left over from a privately held "Mom and Pop" store, in most cases we are in no position to replace items that are not to your satisfaction with a replica in a different condition. That said, in some cases we may offer refunds or replacement with a similar item(s) if there IS sufficient stock, and items are returned in good and same condition within 15 days of purchase. Please contact us directly before sending any item back to us to discuss the options available. In any case, the cost of shipping an instrument or other purchase back for refund or replacement will be borne by the buyer. If an instrument comes back damaged, refunds will be prorated according to the amount of damage and ability to resell the item being returned. If an item is damaged during transit from here to you, then please contact the shipper for restitution. Thank you for your understanding of this unique situation.

For premium musical instruments, if you have a desire to see and try the instrument prior to purchase, we invite you to enthusiastically contact us to make arrangements to do so. Inspection of an instrument in person will be made in the New Mexico area - please leave your guns, ski caps and body guards home - we are nice people and expect you to be the same. We no longer have a store front, but arrangements can be made to conduct a private showing of the instrument - please bring your own picks, straps, rosin, shoulder rests, or whatever helps you to be comfortable to play. If you want to meet at a restaurant, bring your own money, too!


Our Privacy Policy
Any information collected on this website and in your dealings with eMuseMusic is used only for responding to your orders, requests, or improving our communications with you. When you interact with our website, I personally have no control over it, but the website software may collect and store certain types of automated information. Like other web sites, it sometimes uses “cookies” (probably gluten free) and obtains certain types of information when your web browser accesses our website. Although it is unlikely to happen, the web master said that eMuseMusic may periodically send a newsletter and other emails describing upcoming sales and events. Email will be used to confirm your order and to provide information you may request. If you do not wish to receive email from us, other than registration notification and receipts, please advise us courteously by email.

Shared Information
We respect your privacy and appreciate your business. All information we have regarding our members and customers is confidential. At no time do we ever provide your account contact or payment information to any third party vendor or organization. We're too busy dancing and playing music to have any interest in such activities!